We are bitcoins domain investors. The new school from the old schools of thought.
We trade/buy/sell/ great domain names without the use of software
automations. Human efforts and cortex power is our
Algorithmic Trademark !

    We favor and invest in domains that have a .com, .net, or .org extension. These are the domains that receive priorities from well-established search houses, when it comes to organic search queries. Other factors to consider when it comes to investing in a domain are but not limited; Relevant URL Keywords, Short URL, URL that are Easy to Pronounce, Easy to Remember, Easy to Market. Alexa Rank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, Moz Rank, and Pageviews. Backlinks are with the question mark, and if a domain is sold that has back links, and those links don't point back straight to the index.html (root), then, they are useless regardless of their numbers. Remember that you are investing in a URL only, and not on the folders or intellectual properies. But don't take us for granted, do your homework before investing. That's about it. If we missed a few details, please let us know and will add it here in the near future. W@@ch out for domain names that are whitelist in Spam Houses and have other unseen, undisclosed strings to it. We prefer to do everything organic, when it comes to logistics, calculations, creating new domains names, etc. Artificial intelligence for an honest domain evaluation is still a joke. Human evaluation is in question too. We can run into direct competition, working for the opposition, conflict of interests, and other revenue stings. Finally, when you invest in a domain, is like investing in an oil painting. Value can go down or up in time. We have seen both situations. The agreement between the two parties involved in a transaction, play a big role in the domain investment. We never invest in a domain that is apprised by a boot, that's like a shoot in a boot. Ouch! And to worsen the matter, we like to add one more thing before you go. There are Billion domains ridiculously price. For a quick simile, it's like setting an ancient trap and expect to catch a MiG-25 with it. We have a lot of fun discovering these so-called domains. It puzzle our human intellect, and we can stop but wonder who is behind those firewalls. But we leave it open to your opinion. Lastly, donut domains are nice and maybe sweet, but they need a lot of frosting to feel their sweetens. You might pay a bitcoin to get one, like in the BitcoinDonutShop, yet dig dip to get a cup of coffee with it to be able to enjoy a sunny morning.

Please call us with your domain requirements, leave a detailed message, and
we will get back to you promptly !

Tel: 339-526-6451

Our commitment to you:
If you are not happy with your domain(s) investment for any reason, we will
refund you a full amount within 30 days, less domain(s) transfer fees when
you invest in a domain(s) through BitcoinsDomains.com.

We like to hear from you where we can make corrections, if corrections
are necessary. It is our model of growing and learning in the domain marketplace.

With over MM in domains porfolio, we have the right one for you !

Bitcoins are welcome !

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